A Calgary tradition not to be missed

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The Bob Edwards Award

Bob Edwards Award Past Recipients

A Calgary tradition since 1977, the Bob Edwards Award recognizes a provocative individual who is not afraid to speak his or her mind. Each of these esteemed award recipients has made an impact with their voice in their own unique way.

Download our Past Recipients Librarian Recommended Reading List

d 2017 c

Jann Arden

d 2016 c

Bret "Hitman" Hart

d 2015 c

W. Brett Wilson

d 2014 c

Ian Tyson

d 2014 c

Matthew Good

d 2013 c

Conrad Black

d 2012 c

Mary Walsh

d 2010 c

Lawrence Hill

d 2008 c

George Stroumbo-

d 2007 c

Gwynne Dyer

d 2006 c

Catherine Ford

d 2005 c

Preston Manning

d 2004 c

Rick Mercer

d 2003 c

Jane Urquhart

d 2002 c

Rex Murphy

d 2001 c

Timothy Findley

d 2000 c

Guy Vanderhaeghe

d 1998 c

Carol Shields

d 1997 c

Peter Gzowski

d 1996 c

John Ralston Saul

d 1995 c

Lise Bissonnette

d 1994 c

Mordecai Richler

d 1993 c

Knowlton Nash

d 1992 c

Jack Webster

d 1991 c

June Callwood

d 1990 c

Allan Fotheringham

d 1989 c

Peter C. Newman

d 1988 c

Patrick Watson

d 1987 c

David Suzuki

d 1986 c

Rene Levesque

d 1985 c

Margaret Atwood

d 1984 c

Andy Russell

d 1983 c

Pierre Berton

d 1982 c

Hugh Dempsey

d 1981 c

James McGregor

d 1980 c

Jack Peach

d 1979 c

James H. Gray

d 1978 c

W.O. Mitchell

d 1977 c

Grant MacEwan

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