A Calgary tradition not to be missed

All proceeds support the Calgary Public Library

The Bob Edwards Award

Table Hosts

One of the trademarks of this event is the prominent table hosts who help to create a truly notable experience for our guests.

Every year guests of the Bob Edwards Award Gala enjoy an unforgettable evening with a prominent writer, filmmaker, musician, artist or athlete from Calgary’s creative community. Guests have the opportunity to dine with a renowned table host, to engage in great conversations and to learn more about their host’s unique talents.

Thank you to TD Bank Group once again for their generous sponsorship of the 2013 Author and Creative Partner program.

Table Hosts

  • Conrad Black
  • Gianetta Baril
  • Lori Beattie
  • Brian Brennan
  • Bill Brooks
  • Wendy Bryden
  • Gary Burns
  • Sharon Butala
  • Claudia Cattaneo
  • Lisa Christensen
  • Marcello Di Cintio
  • David Finch
  • Cheryl Foggo
  • Catherine Ford
  • Valerie Fortney
  • Cecelia Frey
  • John Gilchrist
  • John Gilpin
  • Rosemary Griebel
  • Barb Howard
  • Adam Johnson
  • Naomi Lewis
  • Ken Lima-Coehlo
  • Donna Livingstone
  • Clem Martini
  • Rebecca Northan
  • Murray Ord
  • Faye Reineberg Holt
  • Don Smith
  • Shirlee Smith Matheson
  • Robert Stallworthy
  • Vicki Stroich
  • Nancy Townshend
  • Samantha Warwick
  • George Webber
  • Deborah Yedlin
  • Johann Zietsman