A Calgary tradition not to be missed

All proceeds support the Calgary Public Library

The Bob Edwards Award

Authors and Creative Hosts

One of the trademarks of this event is the prominent table hosts who help to create a truly notable experience for our guests.

Every year guests of the Bob Edwards Award Gala enjoy an unforgettable evening with a prominent writer, filmmaker, musician, artist or athlete from Calgary’s creative community. Guests have the opportunity to dine with a renowned table host, to engage in great conversations and to learn more about their host’s unique talents.

2016 Table Hosts

  • Bill Brooks
  • Gary Burns
  • Sharon Butala
  • Claudia Cattaneo
  • Bruce Covernton
  • Robert Cuffley
  • Jeff De Boer
  • Marcello Di Cintio
  • Catherine Ford
  • Rosemary Griebel
  • Louis B. Hobson
  • Kelly Hofer
  • Mark Hopkins
  • Sheldon Kennedy
  • Wes Lysack
  • Aram Manukyan
  • Jason Markusoff
  • Micheline Maylor
  • Michelle Minke
  • Ewan Nicholson
  • Murray Ord
  • Fran Porter
  • Gwendolyn Richards
  • Trevor Smith
  • Robert Stallworthy
  • Jan Tertzakian
  • Peter Tertzakian
  • Mark Tewksbury
  • JP Thibodeau
  • Rob Tudor
  • Brent Tyler
  • Julie Van Rosendaal
  • Aly Velji
  • George Webber